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We believe in design profoundly

We started our early wings with the inception of LODHA INDUSTRIES a manufacturing firm with brand name “KOIN” to cater various products for interior and furniture industry way back in 2007.

We understand it as the only way to achieve the fact that our handles, knobs and accessories are different with their own personality and design. That’s why we have opted, more than ever before, to turn design into our strongest point. It’s through this that we project our way of understanding the world of decoration, quality and details.

Teamwork between our internal and external designers at Koin has enabled us to create new products for current interior fashions without them losing any of their character. When fitted in kitchens and bathrooms and on furniture in general, the knobs and handles from the new collections contribute to improving the aesthetics of these spaces and in doing so make them more pleasant and comfortable.

As manufacturers, one thing we are clear about is that our products have to be easy to fit into their eventual surrounding. That’s why each season we bring about technical improvements so as to simplify the fitting procedure. We also aim to offer the most optimal textures, tones, measurements and finishing to interior designers and decorators so they can do their work much more comfortably.

Our company focuses on complete customer satisfaction by providing them unbeatable service and quality products at competitive price.